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The Journey Towards a Cure is a fundraiser with all proceeds benefiting the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, a 501(c)(3), whose mission is to accelerate treatments to extend lives in pursuit of a cure.  The Journey has raised more than $1,000,000 since its inception to support the MMRF.  We encourage all those who register to join our fundraising efforts and make a difference.

As an incentive to all race participants, your race fee of $100 will be eligible for refund or conversion to a tax deductible donation upon reaching the individual goal of raising $500.  Each racer will receive their own personalized donation page upon registration.

Managing Your Fundraising

The fastest, easiest way to raise money for the MMRF and The Journey is to set up a personal donation page. When you sign up to join the Journey, you will receive a donation page confirmation via email. Your donation page is turn-key ready, and will automatically contain basic information about the MMRF.

The most successful fundraising pages are the ones that have been personalized. To personalize your donation page, simply log on to your account on the event landing page. Once you log in, you can customize your page's title and body text, which is what your page visitors will see when they come to donate to your campaign. You can also upload a photo or video, personalize your page URL, and set or change your fundraising goal.

Upon registration, athletes will receive exclusive access to our extensive Fundraising Kit, as well as coaching from our full-time fundraising coaches. Whether you have experience or are a first time fundraiser, maximize your fundraising potential (and comfort level while doing it) by using our fundraising tips and working with your team manager to develop a fundraising plan.

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