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Boston Marathon 2020: Team MMRF

Monica Rosenkranz

Monica Rosenkranz

Dear Friends, I will be participating in the Boston Marathon on April 20, 2020 as part of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) Team For Cures, and in honor of my brave father who is fighting multiple myeloma.

The work ahead of me? Race 26.2 miles and raise at least $10,000 for the MMRF.

Six years ago my father was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Over these past few years the MMRF and my father's amazing team of doctors have helped him courageously fight this illness. My father is the epitome of a modern day superhero. No matter what the day brings and how his treatments make him feel, he always remains optimistic.

My father has shown me that we were made to handle hard things, and I'm running this race for him and other multiple myeloma patients who do the hardest thing one could do each day, battle for their lives.

To give you some background, multiple myeloma is the second most common form of blood cancer and, though much progress has been made, myeloma still has one of the lowest five-year relative survival rates of all cancers.

I'm proud to be part of the ACTION that is helping fund and fuel important research: Thanks to the important work of the MMRF and our partners, the FDA has approved ELEVEN new treatments in the time that it usually takes for ONE new drug to come to market. And there are 2-3 more treatment options right around the corner. This is so important because there are 12 different types of multiple myeloma, and because myeloma is a cunning disease which morphs through treatment, meaning patients often need new treatment options when they relapse.

The MMRF is one of the most highly regarded cancer foundations in the world, and it has had an immense impact on my father and my family. An outstanding 90% of the total MMRF budget goes directly towards research and related programming. The MMRF is in the top 1% of all charities, having earned Charity Navigator’s 4-star rating for the past twelve years in a row.

Please support my participation in the Boston Marathon as I raise funds to help patients, like my father, battle multiple myeloma and extends their lives. I have committed to raising $10,000, and I would love your help to get there! Every penny you donate is one step towards finding a cure! Let's save lives together!

My family and I are so grateful for your support!

In gratitude,


​**Want to double your impact? Inquire if your company matches your charitable donations and submit your donation information through your company's portal or HR to receive a match! Forward me your confirmation email and I can get your match added to my fundraising total!**


raised of $10,000 goal


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2. SGSteve Grimes
3. NNanci Bakar Fredkin
4. MRMaddie, John And Reid
Go Mon! We are always by your side, Rosenkranz family.
5. NMNick & Michelle
Good luck Mon! Lots of love <3
6. CLChris Layda

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