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Hi family and friends,

Hope everyone is doing well! On March 17th I will be running in the NYC half marathon for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) in support of my uncle, John Dunne, who has been undergoing treatment for this form of cancer for the past two years.

My uncle John is a true superhero in my life and definitely never ceases to amaze his family and friends with his generosity, energy, and dedication to others. I’ve always believed in the power positivity and my uncle continues to inspire me everyday with his strength and selflessness.

My goal is to raise $1000 for this amazing cause and I would greatly appreciate your support- whether through monetary donations, prayers, or positive thoughts. MMRF will be using these funds to accelerate development of new Multiple Myeloma treatments to help patients like my uncle and many more. Thank for your support! Any amount helps bring us a step closer to finding a cure for this rare form of cancer.

Including links below for my details on the donation process- feel free to reach out to me if anyone has any questions!

**For all family on this email- I am trying to keep this a surprise for John and immediate family. Please keep this on the down low for now :)

Donation Link:




raised of $1,000 goal


1. Cristina LoCurto
2. Eileen J Lovell
Go Meaghan! Thank-you for doing this for John Dunne. He's a great guy, dad & husband to my sister Lianne. Eileen Lovell
3. Eileen Ungberg
Eileen Ungberg- RUN MEAG RUN!!!!!!
4. Reg And Rosemay Ungberg
5. Meredith MacVicar
6. Eileen Higgins

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