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Imagine Moving Forward

Blythe Duckett

Blythe Duckett

Dear Friends and Family,

I will be participating in the 2019 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon on March 17, 2019 as part of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) Team For Cures.

This will be my 4th half marathon, but this time I will not just be racing 13.1 miles, but more importantly raising at least $1,000 for the MMRF. Training for this event is a big challenge, but nothing compared to the challenges faced by patients with multiple myeloma.

Cancer played a big role in my life from an early age. My mother was diagnosed with cancer when I was around 3.5 years old. My mom likes to tell the story of me being a curious and persistent child asking multiple times to see her scar. Being as young as I was, it was difficult to understand why mommy was sick and why she lost all of her hair. One of the few memories I have from this time was when we were at a fair and I asked my mom to go down the fun slide with me. Her hat went flying off exposing her bald head, but no matter how sick she was she was there with me enjoying herself. She fought it and I’m proud to say she is a survivor today. Just a few years later her sister was diagnosed with cancer as well. She is also a survivor.

November 2009 my step-grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Three and a half months was all she had. It was a very difficult time for my entire family, but from it I became determined to learn more and join the fight. I became very involved in Colleges Against Cancer and Relay for Life in college.

During the Summer of 2013, I had the pleasure and honor of meeting my boyfriend Max’s father for the first time. James st. Lifer was the father of 4 children (Sarah, Rachel, Max and Hannah) and the husband to his remarkable wife, Regina. Together, they took on Multiple Myeloma head on. “The first days are the hardest days”...and James did everything in his power to never slow down in the nearly 9 years he was fighting the disease. He continued to learn, continued to explore and travel, play golf, cook, go to Giants games, and love his family each and everyday.

In November 2018, Patti Mittleman passed away from Multiple Myeloma. She was Hillel director while I attended Muhlenberg College. She acted as a second mother to many of us students bringing comfort to us at the start of college. She pushed me to go on Birthright, where I was able to further explore my Jewish heritage.

This year, I choose to fundraise for Multiple Myeloma because I’ve experienced the pain of loosing a relative to cancer and have seen first hand how Multiple Myeloma can leave a huge hole in the hearts of a family that includes me as one of their own.

Multiple myeloma is the second most common form of blood cancer and, though much progress has been made, myeloma still has one of the lowest five-year relative survival rates of all cancers.

I'm proud to be part of the ACTION that is helping fund and fuel important research: Thanks to the important work of the MMRF and our partners, the FDA has approved TEN new treatments in the time that it usually takes for ONE new drug to come to market. And there are 2-3 more treatment options right around the corner.

This is so important because there are 12 different types of multiple myeloma, and because myeloma is a cunning disease which morphs through treatment, meaning patients often need new treatment options when they relapse.

The MMRF is one of the most highly regarded cancer foundations in the world. An outstanding 90% of the total MMRF budget goes directly towards research and related programming. The MMRF is in the top 1% of all charities, having earned Charity Navigator’s 4-star rating for the past twelve years in a row.

The Goal: Raise $1,000 for the MMRF!

Please support my participation in the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon benefiting the MMRF. I have made a commitment to raise at least $1,000, and I need your help to get there. Please contribute whatever you can. It all adds up!

Please take this opportunity to give back and support this game-changing cancer organization. Always and forever imagine moving forward.

Thank you infinitely,



raised of $2,000 goal


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