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David Stingle

David Stingle

Dearest Family, Friends and Fervent Social Media Fan-base,

My time has come! On November 3, 2019, I’ll be participating in the TCS NYC Marathon as part of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) Team For Cures! I’m inspired to chase a lifelong dream on the streets of the greatest city in the world while supporting research into a disease that has become immediately relevant to my family over the past year as a result of a diagnosed loved one.

As a bit of background, Multiple myeloma is the second most common form of blood cancer and is responsible for 30,000 diagnoses and 12,000 deaths annually. The MMRF is one of the most highly regarded cancer foundations in the world, with nearly 90% of the foundation’s budget goes directly towards research and related programming. The MMRF is in the top 1% of all charities, having earned Charity Navigator’s 4-star rating for 16 years.

How can you help? Two ways!

1. Donate!
>>I’ve set an initial fundraising target of $3,000, but hope to exceed this amount my as much as possible BEFORE the event. I have kicked off the fundraising with a $300 donation, and as a motivating kicker, I’ll be putting a stake in the ground with a goal time of 2:50 and a pledge to donate an additional $100 per each additional minute it takes me to finish the race

2. Keep me honest!
>> Follow my training on Strava ( Say nice things, say mean things, say anything at all!
>>Call me out if you catch me with more than one box of Reese's puffs, witness me blow through the $20 mark at help-yourself-froyo joints or go for that 7th slice of stuffed crust pizza

Anything you’re able to donate, no matter how little, will be greatly appreciated. Thank you to all to choose to join me on this endeavor and see you all in NYC in November!



raised of $3,000 goal


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