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Bill Mchugh

Bill Mchugh

Hi Everyone -

Most of you have heard from me before - and here's where I ask for more cash! In 2008 I was diagnosed with this dreadful disease and given 3-5 years. It's 11 years later and I'm still here - and feeling strong! I owe most of that to The MMRF and the opportunities they've made for myself and my doctor so we can find the drugs that work and have a selection in the event they don't.

Having said that, I am more lucky than some. This disease can be aggressive and nasty. In 2013 I had a complete stem cell replacement and met three friends going through the same process within about a month of mine. I lost the first one within the year, the second a year after that. The third I just lost a year ago. I hate this disease and wouldn't wish it on anyone but at the end of the day I have it and I'm going to fight it - and you're going to help! When I relapsed in 2018, after 5 years in full remission, the number of drugs available to me was amazing - but it's still not a cure!

If you'd like to see more of my story you can click here:

To see my speech from Laugh For Life two years ago click here:

And now - simply click on that link to the right - make your donation and help me find a cure!

Thanks! Bill

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1. Carl And Elsa Hetherington
Billy - We are friends of your parents...Looking forward to meeting you one of these days! All best to you...
2. Madeline Berger
3. Paul And Peggy Stevens
4. Carl Cuminale
5. Anita And Tony Perricelli
Thinking of you dear Bill!
6. Katherine Odonnell
Thoughts and prayers we send your way

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