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Michael Morrow

Michael Morrow

Hi Family and Friends,

I know we all get the email or the text message about fund raising for a kids school or sports team, well here is another one of those but this one is just a little bit different and I am hoping that you all can help.

Mike turned 40 this year and one of the things on his "Bucket List" was to run the NY Marathon the year of his 40th Birthday... and you know Mike once he decides he is going to do something there is no turning back!

This is where we need your help, the entry is based on a lottery system and if you are not chosen in the lottery then you can run it by being part of a Charity.

Mike has chosen a Charity that supports Cancer Research this is something that is very near and dear to our hearts as well as to those of our family and friends. We hope that you will help Mike to full fill his goal as well as support the research that goes into finding a cure to all types of Cancer.

Below is the link that will take you to the fundraising page for Micheal Morrow, we both appreciate any donation that you may be able to give. Please feel free to pass along this email to additional friends, family or coworkers that you think may also want to support Cancer Research.

Thank you in advance and you will see him at the finish line!

Michael & Christina Morrow


raised of $3,000 goal


1. wsWilliam Schaeffer
Way to go!! Congrats on running your race!! Happy to support you and this cause, as this is the cancer that my Brother in Law has (Amanda's Sisters Husband) He was diagnosed in 2013 and is currently in partial remission!!!
2. CChris & Liz
Run Trebo Run!
3. AAuntie Robbin
Congratulations on making it to the NY Marathon! Good luck.
4. TThe Fox Family
5. GGeorge & Liz
6. DDanny and Rebecca
Way to conquer your goals and do good for others at the same time! Danny and Rebecca

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