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Running for Mark, my husband, my inspiration and my hero!

Mary Vincent

Mary Vincent

Dear Family and Friends,

As many of you know, this past year has been a challenging one. Mark is doing fantastic post stem cell transplant and feels better than he has in years! We are extremely blessed to have each of you in our lives and truly appreciate all of the prayers and support you have provided during this time.

At the end of August of 2017, after a lot of medical testing, Mark was diagnosed with non- secretory multiple myeloma. While a cancer diagnosis is never easy to accept, we finally had some answers and a plan to move forward. We are extremely fortunate to have an amazing team of doctors and other medical staff that looked after Mark during his treatment, his hospital stay during the stem cell transplant, and now for on-going monitoring and maintenance.

I believe that Mark’s positive attitude and focus helped him get through the most difficult times. While Mark didn’t stop running during this ordeal, he was forced to limit his mileage and time spent training. I do believe that it was his past training for a 50K ultra-marathon that helped him get through it mentally.

Mark’s acceptance of his diagnosis and how he managed it was really inspiring. He approached this with extreme drive and focus like any other project he takes on – but this project was different - it was his body and he needed to beat his cancer diagnosis, so he could get back to his active lifestyle. Mark was in great physical shape and had a healthy diet prior to his diagnosis. Needless to say, this diagnosis was a surprise to all of us.

In January of 2018, Mark signed up for one of his favorite 10k trail races that takes place every April. His transplant took place on March 15. Just 3 weeks after being released from the hospital and 6 weeks post-transplant, Mark ran that race! That race was extremely important for him to complete. It was a celebration of his life and putting that chapter behind him. Now, he could move forward with hopes that his cancer will be in remission.

One month before I will run the NYC marathon, Mark and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We have known each other since high school and have always supported each other through the different chapters of our lives. In the fall, our oldest son, Sean (17) will be a senior in high school and our youngest son, Ryan (12) will enter the 7th grade. Both boys enjoying running races with us. Sean has been running cross-country, winter track and spring track for his high school since his freshman year. Ryan loves to run and play soccer. He started running at the age of 3 at a local farm race. We love to run as a family, we love Mark, and we want to help others facing multiple myeloma by raising money for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. While my goal is to raise $3,000, I am hoping we can exceed that number.

If you are able to donate to this cause my family and I, along with many others, will be truly grateful for your help.

Kind regards,


P.S. If you are interested in running with me on November 4th, please let me know!

I'm very excited to be running with my friend, Katherine Daniels! Our sons, Ben and Sean, have been running together since middle school. During their freshman-year cross-country awards diner, Katherine and I said we would do the NYC marathon together. So thrilled to be running it their senior year and for such a great charity. Please consider donating to Katherine's page.

Additional Information:

I will be participating in the TCS NYC Marathon on November 4, 2018 as part of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) Team For Cures. This will be my first marathon!

The work ahead of me? Race 26.2 miles and raise at least $3,000 for the MMRF. Training for this event is a big challenge, but nothing compared to the challenges faced by patients with multiple myeloma.

In fact, thanks to the important work of the MMRF, the world's leading private funder of myeloma research, the FDA has approved TEN new treatments, including FOUR in just the past 18 months – a track record that's unparalleled in the world of oncology. These drugs have almost tripled the lifespan of myeloma patients. And now the MMRF is funding over 20 additional treatments in various stages of development, giving hope to tens of thousands of patients and their families.

The Goal: Raise $3,000 for the MMRF!

The MMRF is one of the most highly regarded cancer foundations in the world. An outstanding 90% of the total MMRF budget goes directly towards research and related programming. And the MMRF is in the top 1% of all charities, having earned Charity Navigator’s 4-star rating for the past eleven years in a row.

Please support my participation in the TCS NYC Marathon benefiting the MMRF. I have made a commitment to raise at least $3,000, and I need your help to get there. Please contribute whatever you can. It all adds up!

Please take this opportunity to give back and support this game-changing cancer organization.



raised of $5,000 goal


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In memory of my Dad.
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What an important cause and beautiful way to show your love. You guys are such a great family and we're so lucky to have you as friends! We'll be cheering you on! Lots of love
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