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Rich & Jackie are running the marathon!!

Rich & Jackie DiSante

Rich & Jackie DiSante

The countdown to the New York City Marathon has begun! The DiSantes (Yes! Both of us!) will be running 26.2 miles on November 4th as part of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) Team for Cures in honor of Trish Rubino and Michael Schmidt.

Trish Rubino, a beautiful, fun-spirited Mom of 3, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in September 2007. From the moment she was diagnosed, TEAM TRISH was born and was led by her wonderful children - Jessica, Stephanie and Joseph. Rallying together family and friends, we began the fight for a much needed cure. We are heartbroken to say that we did not find one in time. We lost Trish on June 21, 2016. Though we miss her every day, it is through the MMRF and #TEAMTRISH that we continue to honor her legacy and we are sure she is proudly watching.

Through fundraising, we have also learned of other families affected by multiple myeloma. Deputy Michael Schmidt, formerly a sheriff’s deputy and student resource officer at George Fischer Middle School in Carmel, New York, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma after being misdiagnosed in 2015. Last year, he underwent heavy chemo treatments, a bone marrow transplant and participated in clinical trials. It is through the efforts of the MMRF and your donations that make treatments and trials available for patients like Michael. We are proud to honor him and his family by raising funds for a cure and by wearing his name on our shirts on November 4th.

We are also hoping to raise awareness for multiple myeloma. While many people have not heard of it before, multiple myeloma is the second most common form of blood cancer and, sadly, it has one of the lowest five-year relative survival rates of all cancers.

While there is no cure, great progress is being made. The MMRF has been able to spark major advancements in the fight against this cancer. Over the past few years the MMRF has helped 10 drugs receive FDA approval in the time it normally takes for 1. They have also discovered a multiple myeloma genome sequence and are currently preforming over 75+ clinical trials with thousands of participating patients.

We continue to fight for a cure for multiple myeloma to help so many families that are coping with this terrible cancer. We hope you can support us and raise funds in Trish Rubino and Michael Schmidt’s name and honor.

If you can, please make a donation (and share our link!) in support of helping advance the research for cures. No donation is too small and our appreciation is immense. We need to find a cure and the time is now. No family should have to lose a loved one to cancer.

Rich & Jackie


raised of $6,500 goal


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Good luck Rich & Jackie!!!

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