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On to Kona!

Michael Goodall

Michael Goodall

Hello Team,

On to Kona. Lake Placid Ironman done - in a record breaking qualifying time for Kona.... 14 hours and 23 mins. Those who sponsored me the first time around really got their moneys worth! This one trades on an even better multiple.

I'm off to Kona, Hawaii for the World Championships. Yet I thought Id make this one a little bit harder. I started a new job at BayCrest Partners on the 5th of September and have been working dawn to dusk and probably neglecting my training to the detriment of my liver.

Whats Kona... Its a lovely 2.4 mile swim in turquoise waters, then rather warm 112 mile bike ride though lava fields and lush volcanic serenity, followed by a marathon in 100% humidity. Goal finish in under 17 hours.

As hard as that may sound I watched my mother suffer through Chemo with Cancer and 5 kids. Getting out of bed everyday to mother her flock was harder than any Ironman. By the Grace of God she is still with us today. Goodalls are fighters!! Long Livers! (Granny G still bouncing around at 91 years of age - what a vintage!)

I'm doing it to raise money for the fight against Cancer with Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) Team For Cures. These guys are doing great research that helps to cure all kinds of Cancer. Your donation goes right to the source.

The Dream goal: Raise $100,000 for the MMRF

If I hit that the day before race day I will shave my body head to toe. Enough hair to fill a duvet I imagine. I will auction off that duvet on Ebay afterwards.

I have personally donated $5,000, and I need your help to get the number up there. Please contribute whatever you can. Dig deep, the penny jar by the door, the $2,000 under the mattress, anything you can. Bigger the better. It all adds up!

Please take this opportunity to give back and support this game-changing cancer organization.





raised of $75,000 goal


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From your neighbor Gia!
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Goodall, this is borderline harassment.

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