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Pierre & Susie Jambon

Pierre & Susie Jambon

Update for Friends and Family (May 2018):

Because of you, we met are fundraising goal! We are so grateful for your generosity and touched by the love and encouragement we've received.

Training is going well and feel like we're getting stronger every day. This month Pierre completes one year of induction chemotherapy (RVD) and will transition to an R-only treatment regimen with continued monitoring at the Cleveland Clinic.

So we'll press on ... with fundraising, training, treatment. Exceeding goals is fun! Thanks for taking this journey with us!!

Much love!

Pierre and Susie

Dear Friends and Family:

In June 2017, following an unusual bout of fatigue and some abnormal blood test results, Pierre was diagnosed with a Stage 3 cancer of the blood that resides in the bone marrow called Multiple Myeloma.

After the physical and emotional jolt that begins every cancer journey, there's been good news. The meds have been very effective and Pierre has tolerated them reasonably well. While this cancer is not curable - at this time - there are very good treatment options and much hope that a cure may be just down the road. Those treatment options keep us (patients, caregivers, doctors, nurses, researchers, family, friends) moving forward and that movement brings hope.

That’s why we decided to get involved in a program with MMRF called Moving Mountains.

We both grew up climbing the hills of the City of San Francisco and the mountains are literally in our blood. We will join a 20-person expedition team consisting of patients, caregivers, doctors, and others affected by this disease, on a 12-day trip to Nepal (9 days trekking) to climb to Mt. Everest Base Camp! The trip is scheduled for Oct 26 - Nov 8, 2018.

We will trek these miles to raise funds and awareness for myeloma research. Our fundraising goal is just a bit over $29,000 -or- $1 per foot of elevation that Mt. Everest rises above sea level!

We look forward to the new relationships that will be formed along the way and the inspiration we hope to give and receive on this journey. Each step taken gets us closer to witnessing the mountain called by the Sanskrit name ‘Sagarmatha’ meaning literally “Peak of Heaven.” That thought makes our spirits soar!

We'll be in touch to provide future updates; but in the meantime, we wish you much love, health, and happiness! And we thank you for your support!!


Pierre and Susie


raised of $29,000 goal


1. BHBrent Hesje
2. CRCaryn M Renfrew
3. JJadine and John
Pierre and Susie, what you're doing is amazing. All my prayers, love, and best wishes for a safe journey. May we find a cure and may you discover an inner peace during your journey. Love
4. SBSusan Byrne
5. MEMarianna Etcheverria
6. AAAnita Arietta

moving mountains for multiple myeloma partners