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Donna & Bud Cowan, Hudson & Olivia Renn

Donna & Bud Cowan, Hudson & Olivia Renn

Hi Friends and Family,

This year in August, I, Donna am excited to be participating in the "Moving Mountains for Myeloma Endurance Challenge" as we will be hiking Crater Lake in Oregon. I AM VERY PROUD that my grandchildren, Hudson 18 years old, Olivia 16 years old, and my husband Bud have chosen to hike this challenge with me, I cannot begin to express the Joy & Happiness this brings me.

Hi, My name is Olivia. I am hiking with my brother and grandmother. My grandmother (aka Nana) means the world to me. She always finds a way to brighten my day or make me laugh. I am so excited to support her in doing what she loves. I am hiking with her and for her.

Hello, My name is Hudson, I am honored to go on this wonderful hike with my grandmother (also known as Nana) and my sister Olivia. Nana always finds a way to smile and make her day about someone else. She has an abundant amount of love in her heart that she selflessly shares with others. My persevering Nana has overcome great amounts of adversity, and is blessed with a strong positive mindset to not only conquer Multiple Myeloma, but any obstacles that block her goals in life. I love my Nana more than words can express, and I am honored to hike with not only an amazing research foundation, but also an amazing grandmother.

I Bud, am proud to be hiking Crater Lake in August with my wife and grandchildren. We are supporting the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation by fundraising with this hike. Donna and I hiked the Grand Canyon in 2016 for the MMRF and it was an amazing experience. It keeps both Donna and I always working to keep ourselves in good health and at the same time to raise money for research, and hopefully a cure.

This year on August 11th & 12th, We will be hiking Beautiful CRATER LAKE in OREGON. We are doing this to raise funds in support of the amazing work of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF). This is one of the most respected cancer research organizations in the world, and they are making incredible progress in developing treatments that are extending patient lives while they continue to work towards a cure.

I, Donna, was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2013 and after many months of treatment, I am blessed to be in remission and holding now for 4 years, and, with help from the chemotherapy Revlimid that I take daily I hopefully will be able to maintain my remission for a long time to come. As most of you know I keep myself active and healthy, part of my living well, and, that also made it possible for me to be able to hike the Grand Canyon in 2016 to raise funds for the MMRF. Now, the challenge for this hike keeps me up and running. I am doing this hike to help others and myself by raising funds for the MMRF to find new resources and possibly a cure for Multiple Myeloma.

The work ahead of us? Climb through Crater Lake National Park, including reaching the summit of Mount Scott, and raise at least $6,000 for the MMRF. Training for this event is a big challenge, but nothing compared to the challenges faced by patients with multiple myeloma.

Multiple myeloma is the second most common form of blood cancer and, sadly, has one of the lowest five-year relative survival rates of all cancers. But while there is no cure, great progress is being made.

In fact, thanks to the important work of the MMRF, the world's leading private funder of myeloma research, the FDA has approved TEN new treatments, including FOUR in just the past 18 months – a track record that's unparalleled in the world of oncology. These drugs have tripled the lifespan of myeloma patients after diagnosis. And now the MMRF is funding over 20 additional treatments in various stages of development, giving hope to tens of thousands of patients and their families.

The Goal: Raise $6,000 for the MMRF's life-extending cancer research!

The MMRF is one of the most highly regarded cancer foundations in the world. An outstanding 90% of the total MMRF budget goes directly towards research and related programming. And the MMRF is in the top 1% of all charities, having earned Charity Navigator’s 4-star rating for the past eleven years in a row.

Please support our participation in the Crater Lake Peak Weekend Trek benefiting the MMRF. We have made a commitment to raise at least $6,000 and We need your help to get there. Please contribute whatever you can. It all adds up! Please take this opportunity to give back and support this game-changing cancer organization.

Thank you.....
Donna, Bud, Hudson, Olivia

**Want to double your impact - inquire if your company matches your charitable donations and submit your donation information through your company's portal or HR to receive a match! Forward me your confirmation email and I can get your match added to my fundraising total!


raised of $6,000 goal


1. MRMcKenna Renn
2. JEJoan Enella
3. EKEileen G Kasai
Thank you, Bud, Donna, Hudson, and Olivia for doing this to further research for Multiple Myeloma.
4. DDebbie & Peter Juhos
What an inspiration you all are!.....Godspeed be with you on this wonderful journey........
5. KVKenneth VanDevender
6. PPam & Mike McAtee
We are so proud of you and all you have accomplished. Pam & Mike McAtee

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