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Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek


Join the MMRF as we continue to expand our program to new heights... and depths with
the Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma (MM4MM) Program!

In February 2017, a team compiled of six individuals currently living with multiple myeloma, as well as an oncologist and research professionals, and patient supporters will take on the highest free-standing mountain in the world above sea level at 19,341 ft (5,895 meters).

This 16 member team will embark on an 11 day journey to Uhuru Peak in Tanzania, Africa. The team will travel through 5 different ecosystems, face high elevations, low temperatures, and occasional high winds, all in the name of finding a cure for cancer NOW! The members have each committed to raising $10,000 each to support the life-changing work done by the MMRF in the field of oncology and cancer research. The work of the MMRF accelerates innovative treatment approaches to extend the lives of myeloma patients and find a cure. 

In addition, the trek will be documented with imagery and video interviews with inspirational purpose to show the world that these patients and supporters are living proof that the MMRF is curing cancer NOW!


Goal: $250,000

Teams and Walkers

Select A Team:


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