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Kathleen Kauffman

Kathleen Kauffman

Dear Friends and Family,

I did it!! I hiked on the Bright Angel Trail and watched the sunrise over the Grand Canyon on my 55th birthday! Plus, I raised over $10,400 for MMRF that will go towards research to develop even better multiple myeloma drugs. The Moving Mountains For Myeloma Grand Canyon Trek is the most inspiring and meaningful birthday present I have ever received.

Thank you family and friends for your incredible support and generosity. I am overwhelmed by the encouraging and caring messages you sent--they touched me deeply. And I am absolutely amazed at your generosity! Thank you for your donations! Together, we blew through my initial goal of $3000 and have exceeded $10,000! Wow! This means so much to me. I am benefiting from the drug advances supported by MMRF and I want to play a part in helping myeloma patients in the future have access to even better drugs. It will happen!

There is still time to donate -- just hit the button and know you are making a difference in the lives of all myeloma patients, like me.

Thank you for the best birthday ever! Let's celebrate the inspiration and hope that comes with Moving Mountains For Myeloma!!!

I will close with a piece from my blog (

Thoughts and emotions are swirling around inside me, much like the rotor blades of the sightseeing helicopters circling over the Grand Canyon. The MMRF hike was one of the most empowering, inspiring, challenging, and meaningful experiences of my life. This jumble of feelings and reflections will take awhile to “gel.” Meanwhile, here is what I do know:

Empowering. I know that the Grand Canyon Trek empowered me. I hiked on the Bright Angel trail when, exactly one year earlier, I laid in a hospital bed wondering what the future held. Was there really hope? The answer is a strong YES!! I stepped outside my comfort zone to join the MMRF team and found more strength than I thought I had. I gained physical strength by training for the hike. I raised over $10,000 for MMRF!!! My family and friends were thrilled to support me by donating to the MMRF. I was floored by the number of people that sent messages cheering me on. I received donations from the church women’s group in my childhood hometown, even though I have not lived there for over 30 years. What a joy to know I am empowered to do much more than I thought. I plan to use this new-found empowerment to do more -- all it takes is reaching out to others.

Inspiring. I know the inspiration I received from the 2017 Grand Canyon MMRF Team lifted me up at a time when I needed it most. Everyone has a story. The team members shared theirs – promises to and love for parents with myeloma; patients going up and down mountains every day on the myeloma journey; researchers working their tails off to continue to develop myeloma drugs that improve our lives; and, the dedication of the MMRF staff to relentlessly pursue funds to support research and resources that allow myeloma patients to enjoy their life and LIVE!

Challenging. I know this hike was a real challenge for me. About a month ago, after I signed up and was training for the hike, I relapsed and started different medications that impacted my agility and balance. Then, the day prior to the hike, I had a whopper of a nose bleed (no doubt caused by the high elevation and dry air). Would I be able to do the hike? This is when the amazing dedication and support of the MMRF Team kicked in. The hiking guides and MMRF leadership adjusted their plans to add a shorter hike at a slower pace. And another member of the MMRF Team accompanied me on the hike at my tortoise-like pace. My husband encouraged my to go for it. What generosity! So, with their assistance, I met the challenge and hiked the Bright Angel Trail! I am so used to meeting challenges by being the best or at least close to the top. But, I’m learning that the real challenge with myeloma is to live life to the fullest every single day. Hiking the Bright Angel Trail is one of the biggest challenges and biggest “wins” of my life.

Meaningful. I know I experienced many meaningful moments throughout the weekend. One stands out – I celebrated my 55th birthday watching the majestic sunrise over the Grand Canyon in the company of my new friends. The grandeur, beauty and stillness of the Canyon was overwhelming. God’s creations are amazing and put things in perspective. Yes – I have multiple myeloma. It is a challenging journey, but, it is also quite a meaningful one. I live one day at a time soaking up the beauty all around us. I have deeper and more meaningful relationships with God, family and friends. I am more aware of peoples’ stories and the value of listening. As I turn 55, I hope to continue growing by reaching out to others and making the most of every day.

I am honored to be a member of the 2017 MMRF Team. The entire experience is the best birthday present I have ever received. Thank you MMRF and thank you fellow team members. For those myeloma patients or caregivers or scientists or anyone else involved in the multiple myeloma world and considering whether to apply for Moving Mountains For Myeloma programs, DO IT!!! Take it from someone who finally took a step outside the box after 55 years. It is so worth it!

With Much Gratitude and Love,



raised of $10,550 goal


1. AKAlona Kauffman
2. JCJudy Collicott
3. EHElisabeth Hyde
Way to go. Very happy for you!
4. RDRuth Detweiler
Congratulations, Kathleen!!! What an accomplishment. We are so proud of you. We hope you are as successful in combating your myeloma as you are in conquering the Grand Canyon! With our love, Ruth & Lowell Detweiler
5. ABAlane Barnes
Kathleen, You are an inspiration, a friend and a fellow Momentum graduate. I hope you feel the congratulatory hug from across the miles...
6. JCJoy Carter

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