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Elizabeth Lewis

Elizabeth Lewis

Dear Friends and Family,

The first time I saw Mt. Fuji was from the window of a conference room – 12,389 feet tall and snow-capped. Even from that distance, it was incredibly daunting! Now I am training hard as I will embark on an incredible journey with Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma (MM4MM) to climb Mount Fuji in Japan alongside multiple myeloma patients and caregivers. As a part of this initiative, I am committed to help raise funds and disease awareness for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF). Since the initiative’s inception in 2016, 20 multiple myeloma survivors have climbed some of the world’s tallest mountains through MM4MM and I am honored to take part in the next leg of this journey.

Multiple myeloma is the second most common form of blood cancer and, despite research advancements, it remains incurable. At Takeda Oncology, where I lead global Patient Advocacy, we aspire to cure cancer. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of patients living with multiple myeloma by listening to their needs and implementing them into everything we do.

To me, one of the most remarkable things about the multiple myeloma community is how hard patients dealing with difficult diagnoses and treatments work to support others in the exact same position. The patients and families I’ve worked with are some of the most selfless people I’ve ever met. It’s incredibly humbling to be able to do this hike alongside them – and in honor of the many patients I’ve known and worked with.

Summiting Japan’s tallest peak – 12,389 feet above sea level – pales in comparison to the everyday challenges multiple myeloma patients face. This is why I’ve committed to raise $5,000 for the MMRF’s life-extending cancer research. The MMRF has greatly helped the advancement of life-saving therapies since its inception in 1998, giving hope to thousands of patients and their families.

Much like Mount Fuji’s sacred history, Takeda Pharmaceuticals has transcended cultures through its incredible 235-year history and dedication of bringing better health to people worldwide.

I’d like to ask for your support of my climb up Mount Fuji, helping benefit the true heroes of everyday life: the myeloma patients who are battling this disease. I’ve committed to raise at least $5,000 and need your help to get there. Please consider contributing whatever you can. It all adds up!

Thank you!

**Want to double your impact? Inquire if your company matches your charitable donations and submit your donation information through your company's portal or HR to receive a match! Forward me your confirmation email and I can get your match added to my fundraising total!


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