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100+ Riders • 2-Day Event: 1-Day Ride • 62 Miles (100 Kilometers)
October 20 - 21, 2017
MMy Ride for a Cure is an epic cycling event that will take a team of 8 MMRF Riders coast to coast from Los Angeles, CA to Fairfield, CT - 3,400 miles in all - to raise funds and awareness for critical myeloma research. Another group of 12 riders will ride the first 8 days of that journey with the cross-country riders through the Mojave Desert on a 540 mile ride that finishes in Flagstaff, AZ.

We invite you to be part of the GRAND FINALE! The last 62 miles of their 7-week journey.
2-Day Event: 1-Day Ride • Registration Now Open!
Join us for a challenging, inspirational 100-kilometer (aka "Metric Century") ride through some of the most scenic roads in Connecticut at the peak of fall foliage, all while helping the MMRF find a cure.

Riders meet at Jennings Beach in Fairfield, CT on Friday, October 20 by 2 PM, where they will leave their car, check in their bikes, and board a coach bus to Bristol, CT.

All riders will gather on Friday at 6:30 PM at the DoubleTree Hotel in Bristol, CT for the MMy Ride Celebration Dinner. Our 1-Day Riders will welcome the Cross Country Riders to the final stop of their coast-to-coast journey and we will rally together in celebration of the final leg of this 7-week endeavor the next day.

After an early, hearty breakfast Saturday morning, the MMy Riders will begin their 100K journey which meanders through scenic small towns via rolling hills and scenic byways until we reach the finish line at Jennings Beach in Fairfield, CT. 

At the finish, we will celebrate the team's accomplishment, enjoy a picnic lunch, and flank the entrance to the beach - hundreds strong - to welcome the Cross Country Riders. 

The 62-mile ride is fully supported with signage, bike monitors, support vans, hydration and nutrition stations, and mechanical help if you need it. 

One-Day Riders commit to raise $1,000 or $2,000+ and enjoy various perks as part of their commitment. See 
fundraising levels here for details of what is included. Virtual supporters are welcome too! 

Thanks to our generous sponsor, Janssen Oncology, 100% of the donations you raise go directly to the MMRF's life-saving work!

We have two more spots to fill: One cross-country rider and one desert rider. Interesed? APPLY HERE. Questions? Contact Alicia at
Goal: $400,000

Teams and Walkers

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